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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lemon Cart

Cafe World's Lemon Cart is a small minigame that can be played with tickets. You use 4 tickets per play, which means you can choose 4 glasses to fill the pitcher. Once you pick a glass, it will tell you how full the glass was. If the pitcher overflows, you get rewarded with Super Salt or Power Pepper (speculation, as I only played it once to see what it was). If you manage to fill it to the brim and not spill, the reward is a Lemon themed 6x Ultra stove.

You start off with 20 free tickets. Click "Play for 4" to start the game. After you run out of tickets, you can post to your wall to collect more.

Now the glasses are open so you can click on them. Once you pick one, it will show you how much the glass had in it. After the lemonade goes into the pitcher, you get random rewards like Six Hour Thyme, or Twelve hour Thyme. At any point in time, you can choose to keep the reward you got and exit the game, or try to fill the pitcher without spilling.

I kept going to see if I could fill the pitcher, but I ended up spilling, and this is the reward I got. I only played it once because I wanted to see how it worked.

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