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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Veterans Day 7x Ultra Stove

Buck Bradshaw has brought a Veteran's Day 7x Ultra Stove to Cafe World. There are a little over 7 days to build the stove. There is a stove shop, where players can unlock spices, dishes, and a 4x Ultra Stove.

First, place the stove. If you don't want to lose a spot for a more effective stove, follow these steps.
  1. Go into "Design Mode."
  2. Click the goal box. Drag out a stove.
  3. Click "Place It." Put the new stove in.
  4. Wait for the goal to give you the reward screen. Then either "Share" or "x" out of the reward screen.
  5. Put the Veterans Day Stove away, and pull out your more effective stove.
  6. Close "Design Mode."

(Goal 1) - Place Your Stove!
  • Place your Medal of Honor Stove!
Reward: 250 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

(Goal 2) - The First 7x Stove!
  • Ask for 6 Military Metal Plates - wall post
  • Serve 50 Overstuffed Peppers - 12hr
  • Ask for 5 Military Bolts
Reward: 250 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Complete 10 Stages of Rewards

Parts Needed
Ask: Military Oil Canister, Military Hammer, Military Stove Scrub Polish
Post: Military Multi-Tool, Military Nut and Bolt, Military Scrub Brush

Stage 1: Ask for 1 of each item, post for 2 of each item

Stage 1: 1 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 2: 2 Six Hour Thymes
Stage 3: Patriot's Taco Salad recipe
Stage 4: 2 Twelve Hour Thymes
Stage 5: Star Spangled Shortcake recipe
Stage 6: 2 Instant Thymes
Stage 7: Freedom Jello recipe
Stage 8: 2 Mastery Maestros
Stage 9: 3 Instant Thymes
Stage 10: Medal of Honor 4x Ultra Stove