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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gift Box

Cafe World's gift box is located on the bottom right section of the toolbar. You can get food to store in your gift box from friends, the daily bonus, and perfect dishes from the wall feed.


At one time, the gift box could store an unlimited quantity of food.After a while, Zynga claimed that they were going to be putting a limit of 500 "unique" items on the gift box, and that the oldest dishes would start expiring. Some players with more than 500 items in their gift box were not noticing anything being taken away.

If you would like to read the post, this is the link. It will open in a new window or tab. Gifting Changes

Unique items means 500 different dishes. If you have 500 servings of the same dish, it will show that you have one dish in the gift box. However, if you have 1 serving of 500 different dishes, it will show 500 dishes in the gift box.

The dishes in the gift box are stacked, meaning if your friend sends you some Bacon Cheeseburgers, and then you get Bacon Cheeseburgers from your daily bonus, your gift box will show that you have 2 of this dish. The gift box will only count one because the dish is the same. However, if you serve this dish, it will count as you serving it 2 times. 


The gift box is organized alphabetically. On this page, I have 6 unique gifts, even though I have multiple servings of some of the dishes. The gift box has a cosmetic problem where it can only display 2 numbers when it shows you how many servings you have. Hovering your mouse over the number will show you exactly how many you have. For example, I have 186 Large Energy Boosts, but the big number can only display 18.


You can serve certain dishes from the gift box and have them count towards your goals, thus helping you finish faster because you don't have to cook as much.

If you encounter the problem where the dish doesn't seem like it has been served, close the gift box, and load it again. Most likely the dish will be right back where it was because the game did not register that you had served it.


Lag: The gift box gets laggy the more gifts you have in it. It can take upwards of 10-15 seconds if your gift box is very full. I noticed around 417 gifts the gift box was less laggy and took less time to appear on screen.

Not Being Able to Choose How Many Servings: At this time, you cannot control how many servings to serve. The number next to your gift is how many will be served. For example, if you have 12 Cupcakes, and you only need 10 for your goal, you will have to serve all 12.

No Search Function: The gift box can only be flipped through via the arrows on either side of it. There is no "Jump To" a certain page or letter of the alphabet and no search function.

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