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Friday, November 18, 2011

Homemade Stuffing

The Homemade Stuffing recipe is a limited time dish that can be unlocked by completing the limited time Fall Feast 2011 catering order. Any player who attempted this order while it was available should still have it in their truck. Limited time just means that it is no longer available for players who didn't attempt it. Here are the dish stats.

Cuisine: American
Cost: 1,000 coins
Cook Time: 4hrs [3hrs 48mins after Mastery Level 3]
Coins Per Serving: 15/3,000 total [3,150 Total w/Added Servings]
Total Cafe Points: 215
Number of Servings: 200 [210 after Mastery Level 1]
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 1: 90
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 2:
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 3:

All Mastery Levels unlock rewards. These are listed below.
Mastery Level 1 Reward: +10 servings
Mastery Level 2 Reward: + Cafe Points Serving (Cafe Points Cooking stays the same)
Mastery Level 3 Reward: -12mins cooking time
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