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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chef Showdown

 **UPDATE: You may have seen "Ends 2/20 on your Chef Showdown icon. The only thing that will be ending is the icon taking up space on your screen. The little boxing ring in your inventory [or in your cafe if you have placed it] is how you can access Chef Showdown after February 20th.**

Cafe World has released the Chef Showdown event. Players will be competing against four computer chefs from four different countries; China, Mexico, France, and Italy. Each chef has their own set of 4 challenges. In total there are 16 challenges available. Players who beat all 16 challenges will win a Spice Package containing 20 Mastery Maestro Instant Thyme, 20 Mega Instant Thyme, and 20 Quest Buster Instant Thyme.  

When you click on the "VS" icon on the right side of your screen, you will be prompted to place a small boxing ring in your cafe. It is there so you can have another place to access the Chef Showdown. You do not have to ask for parts as it is already built.

Each mini challenge has its own timer that does NOT start until you click "Start Challenge." You can take a break between each mini challenge, but make sure you have finished the challenge you are currently on before exiting. Challenges seem to be expiring at the wrong time for some players who have exited before finishing the shorter timed challenges. Refreshing the game seems to fix it, but be aware of this glitch. Timers for the next level won't start until you click "Start Challenge" for the particular level.
If you fail a level, you can challenge the computer chef again.

Getting Points
Challenges consist of serving dishes and asking for items. The item says ask every 4 hours, but when you start a challenge, the 4 hours resets. The goal is to get more points than the computer chef to win the level. There are red bars on the side of each challenge that show how many points each of you has. Levels 2, 3, and 4 reward new recipes.

Hiring Crew
Players can hire up to 6 crew members. A full crew gives you 30% more points. Crew members do not have to cook dishes for you.

Chef Challenges

Here's an example of what a challenge looks like. The timer is cut off of this one, I found the picture on a different site. Usually the timer would be at the top of the page. The red bars on the side keeps track of the points each of you have.

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  1. I am supposed to cook 3 bean salad and can't find it in my cookbook - any ideas?

  2. 3-Bean Salad.. There's one called Crafty 3-Bean Salad. Is that the dish you mean? If yes, it's under the Vegetarian Cuisine in your cookbook.

  3. I was finished the Chef Showdown...but where is my rewards?????

  4. Sounds like your game is glitched. Copy and paste this link into your browser.


    From here you can give Zynga your account information. They can look into your game and help you.

  5. same here, no rewards and link above "cannot be found"

  6. Hi,

    There's a section on the top right side of my blog that says"Have a Problem? The Send a Ticket to Zynga is a link you can try.

  7. Nothing I click on hires my do hire the 6 to help?

  8. Hmm.. That seems strange. One thing I do know is that the pictures of the crew at the bottom will put in random names when your friends respond.

    I have done one of these challenges so far, and I didn't hire a crew, but still beat the Master Chef.

    It might be a request problem where your friends are not getting your requests. That will be something you'll need to let Zynga know.

  9. finish showdown and got nothing come on zynga fix your issue.

  10. I can't find the boxing ring in my inventory. Any idea where it is?

  11. Hi, I found my boxing ring in the Functional Tab, under the Special Items.

  12. Thank you for posting that! I had no idea where it was until you pointed it out. Thanks a ton.