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Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Set

Cafe World has released the Movie Set catering order. The story is your cafe has been chosen to cater for the movie that's shooting down the street. Completing this order in 5 days will unlock a Signed Autograph Picture decoration.

Completing this order with 3 stars requires cooking and asking for the following items.

Dishes Needed
Serve Pepperoni Pizza 20 times [8hrs] - cook on Pizza Oven
Serve Spicy Tuna Roll 40 times [2hrs] - cook on Sushi Station
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 900 times [8hrs]

Items Needed
Ask for 20 Autographs
Ask for 20 Sunglasses
Ask for 20 Limos

Complete in 5 days
3 Star Rewards: 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 Cafe Coins, Signed Autograph Picture decoration

Complete in 7 days
2 Star Rewards: 10 Catering Points, 5,000 Cafe Points, 125,000 Cafe Coins

Complete with no time limit
1 Star Rewards: 5 Catering Points, 3,000 Cafe Points, 75,000 Cafe Coins
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