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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amelia's Arcade

Cafe World has released the Amelia's Arcade goals, a small 8 part goal that unlocks some recipes and an Arcade themed 50% stove.

Recipes: Cranberry Spinach Salad, Pomegranate Pulao, Beanie Weenie

I Love Games! (Goal #1)
Ask for 2 Video Games [wall post]
Serve a random 2hr dish 15 times
Ask for 2 Game Consoles
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Farming Fun! (Goal #2)
Ask for 3 Bug Sprays [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 4hr dish 25 times
Ask for 3 Shovels
Unlocks: Cranberry Spinach Salad recipe

Hidden Secrets (Goal #3)
Ask for 4 Magnifying Glasses [wall post]
Serve or ask for Cranberry Spinach Salad 35 times - 4hrs
Ask for 4 Blue Prints
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Expedition (Goal #4)
Ask for 5 Ropes [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 8hr dish 45 times
Ask for 5 Barrels
Unlocks: Pomegranate Pulao recipe

The Big City (Goal #5)
Ask for Flags
Serve Pomegranate Pulao 55 times
Ask for Limousines

Let the Chips Fall! (Goal #6)
Ask for Card Decks
Serve a random dish 65 times - will post cook time when I find out
Ask for Poker Tables
Unlocks: Beanie Weenie recipe

Word! (Goal #7)
Ask for Books
Serve Beanie Weenie 85 times
Ask for Eye Glasses

Ruler of the Castle (Goal #8)
Ask for Crowns
Serve a random dish 105 times
Ask for Capes
Reward: 1 Classic Arcade themed 50% stove

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