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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Signature Dish

Cafe World's Signature Dish goals come with the introduction of a new buildable appliance called the DishMaster. This appliance allows players to create their own dishes using their own ingredients. Ingredients can be bought from the marketplace or unlocked through goals. Some dishes needed for this goal will be randomly generated. Some recipes and an ingredient will be unlocked with this goal chain. They are as follows.
Recipes: Cheese Ravioli, Salsa Verde
Ingredient: Beef

The DishMaster! (Goal #1)
Place your DishMaster
Ask for 2 Beakers [wall post]
Serve or ask for the dish that pops up in your cafe 7 times
DishMaster Builder *Special Deliveries work towards this*
Ask for 6 LCD Touchscreens
Ask for 5 Circuit Boards
Ask for 6 Taste Sensors
Ask for 12 Gourmet Processing Units

Lab Assistance (Goal #2)
Ask for 7 Bunsen Burners
Have 5 Circuit Boards [from the builder]
Serve or ask for the dish that pops up in your cafe 20 times
Unlocks: Cheese Ravioli recipe

Savory Science (Goal #3)
Ask for 10 Test Tubes [wall post]
Ask for 8 Pot Holders
Serve or ask for the dish that pops up in your cafe 30 times

Oregano-no! (Goal #4)
Ask for 12 Spice Grinders [wall post]
Have 6 LCD Touchscreens
Serve Fruit Punch 16 times [drink machine]

Use Your Noodle (Goal #5)
Ask for 12 Pasta Bowls [wall post]
Complete the DishMaster
Serve Taste Lab Dish with Spaghetti 30 times
Unlocks: Beef ingredient

Mad Science! (Goal #6)
Ask for 12 Shopping Lists [wall post]
Ask for 10 Pasta Spoons
Serve Taste Lab Dish with Beef 35 times
Unlocks: Salsa Verde recipe
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