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Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat Party Catering Order

The Trick or Treat Party catering order is tied to the Amelia's Treats goals, which are for celebrating Halloween in 2011. Completing this order with 3 stars unlocks the Spooktacular Cupcakes recipe.

To complete this order successfully, these are the dishes and items required.

Dishes Needed
Serve Marshmallow Witches 50 times [30min dish]
Serve Mummy Dogs 60 times
Serve Pumpkin Lasagna 15 times

Items Needed
Ask for 5 Spider Webs
Ask for 5 Jack-o-Lanterns

Time Limit: 3 days

Rewards for 3 Star Completion
15 Catering Points
7,500 Cafe Points
200,000 Cafe Coins
Spooktacular Cupcakes recipe
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