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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taste Lab

The Taste Lab is a new feature in Cafe World. This feature is an addition to the cookbook where players can create their own dishes. This feature was unlocked with the Signature Dish goals. To begin, click on the Taste Lab section in your cookbook. It is located where the rest of the cuisines are, and is at the very top of the list. Once you've opened that, click Base Ingredients.
The following instructions will show you how to create a dish.

Base Ingredients
The two ingredients available are Spaghetti and White Rice. Click on either one to add it to your dish. More ingredients can be bought in the Marketplace or received as rewards for completing goals.

Once you've chosen your Base Ingredient, you can add Meats and More. Click on that category to see some available ingredients.

Meats and More
The ingredients available are Chicken and Tuna. Click on one of them to add it to your dish.

The third ingredient category is Sauces. Click the button to see available ingredients.

The sauces available are Marinara and Teriyaki. Click on one of the sauces to add it to your dish.

Create or Edit
For now, those are the only available categories of ingredients. Click the Create button when you are done or the Back button if you want to change something.

A box with a cursor will pop up and you can name your dish. Now the DishMaster will keep track of how many times you have served your dish and how many times people have given you feedback on your dish. To finish creating your dish, click ok.

From now on when you click on the DishMaster or go into the cookbook and click on Taste Lab, you will see your creations in your cookbook. To ask for feedback, click on the Taste Lab, select your dish, and click the Get Feedback button.

This will ask you to post to your wall, and friends will click on the post. Important news is that on the post it will say "Chance for free spice." Friends must click on that link in order for the feedback to actually post to your dish. If they simply comment on it without clicking the link, the game will not register it.

If you have too much clutter in your cafe, you can put the DishMaster in storage and still have access to the Taste Lab since you can get to it through your cookbook.
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