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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foodini's Magic Jar

I saw this when I was logging in to Cafe World today. Perhaps some magician themed things are coming soon.

This is Foodini's Magic Jar.

For now, Foodini seems like a cash feature. Apparently you can open Magic Jars and get Pro, Amateur, or Novice magical cooking item. The more jars you open, the higher your chance of getting a Pro item. Hopefully Cafe World adds some more options to this. I probably won't be using Foodini unless he offers some coin options.

Click the question mark at the top right of Foodini to open this screen. Clicking Open Sesame at the bottom of this screen takes you back to the previous screen where you can buy jars.
Novice Prizes: 20 Twelvehour Thymes, 20 Instant Thymes, and 50 Instant Thymes
Amateur Prizes: 20 Quest Buster Instant Thymes, 20 Mastery Maestro Instant Thymes
Pro Prize: Foodini's 4X Ultra Stove

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