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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New 6X Stove

Cafe World has been introducing new equipment lately. The newest appliance is the 6X Stove.

This stove cooks 6 times as many servings as a single burner stove, although it only shows one dish while it's cooking. The stove has a giant #6 on it. To make sure your stove is working properly, find the base servings of the dish you want to cook by clicking the cookbook icon, NOT the stove. When the stove is done cooking, hover over it before you serve, and the servings should be 6 times the base servings.

The 6X Stove is a one-click stove. This means you don't have to do any of the preparation steps like you would on a single stove.

The 6X Stove comes in both Mega and Ultra form. The Mega 6X stoves cook food 10% faster than the time shown in the cookbook. The Ultra 6X stoves cook food 50% faster than the time shown in the cookbook.

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