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Friday, July 13, 2012

Field of Dreams

Cafe World has released the Field of Dreams goals. This is a small 8 part goal chain that does not have a timer. Finishing these goals rewards Sourdough, Bacon, and Spinach ingredients and 1 50% stove. This goal requires making some Taste Lab dishes.

I tried to click Taste Lab through the categories on the left side of the cookbook and I got a white screen.

I accessed the Taste Lab through the Marketplace at the bottom of the cookbook. In the View All part, Grandma's Lost Recipes is at the bottom. If you click a cuisine, Grandma's Lost Recipes changes to the Marketplace. Click go to Taste Lab from there, and it will let you in.

Field of Dreams (Goal #1)
Ask for 2 Tomatoes [wall post]
Serve a random 4hr dish 10 times
Ask for 2 Basil
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Bugs Be Gone! (Goal #2)
Ask for 3 Bug Sprays [wall post]
Serve a random 6hr dish 15 times
Ask for 3 Fly Swatters
Unlocks: Sourdough ingredient

Feed the Seeds (Goal #3)
Ask for 4 Bags of Fertilizers [wall post]
Serve a dish with Sourdough 25 times
Ask for 4 Shovels
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

The Wishing Well (Goal #4)
Ask for 5 Buckets [wall post]
Serve a random 9hr dish 35 times
Ask for 5 Ladles
Unlocks: Bacon ingredient

Weeds Be Gone (Goal #5)
Ask for 7 Spray Bottles
Serve a dish with Bacon 55 times
Ask for 7 Trowels
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Cream of the Crop (Goal #6)
Ask for 7 Pruning Shears
Serve a random 20hr dish 65 times
Ask for 7 Cultivators
Unlocks: Spinach ingredient

Labor of Love (Goal #7)
Ask for 8 Sun Visors
Serve a dish with Spinach 85 times
Ask for 8 Pots
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 2,000 Cafe Coins

Time to Harvest (Goal #8)
Ask for 10 Sample Bags
Serve a random 14hr dish 105 times
Ask for 10 Buckets
Unlocks: 1 Fred's Farm 50% Stove

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