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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grandpa and Baby Chai - EXPIRED

Cafe World has released the Grandpa and Baby Chai goals. This is designed like the Maypole event, where there are going to be 2 sets of goals, buildables, and catering orders. The designers are introducing the 8x stove.

The timer is set at a little over 14 days.

Week One

Color Away (Goal #1)
Place your blue stove!
Serve a random 6hr dish 40 times
Ask for 3 Coloring Books [wall post]
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Rocking Horse (Goal #2)
Place Soap Box Builder
Serve a random 10hr dish 50 times
Ask for 3 Rocking Horses
Unlocks: Elvis Sandwich recipe

Soap Box Car Builder

Post for 10 Wheels and 10 Steering Wheels
Ask for 10 Wood Panels and 10 Axel Bars
Function: Reduces cooking time by 15% as long as it is kept in cafe

Week Two

Morning Cartoons (Goal #1)
Place your pink stove!
Ask for 2 Morning Cartoons
Serve a random 4hr dish 50 times

Family Tree Builder

Parts Needed
Ask: Old Pictures, Notecards, Cardboard
Post: String, Push Pins, Paper Leaves

Stage 1: Ask for 1 of each item, post for 1 of each item

Stage 1: 2 Salvage Sage
Stage 2: 2 Six Hour Thymes
Stage 3: Uncle Isaac's Red Snapper recipe
Stage 4: 2 Power Peppers
Stage 5: 2 Mastery Mints
Stage 6: Pa Pront's Pork Burrito recipe
Stage 7: 2 Super Salts
Stage 8: 2 Magic Spice
Stage 9: Aunt Daphne's Rice Pilaf recipe
Stage 10:  Blue 6x Mega Stove - complete everything to upgrade to Ultra

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  1. I finished the Soap Box Car. No recharging is needed, just keep it in the cafe. With the Guestbook and 50% stove, it reduces the cook time for total of 75%. Neet!