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Monday, July 30, 2012

Go for the Record

Cafe World has released the Go for the Record event, a timed event where players try to build the tallest burger they can. There are different ingredients to choose from. Condiments are wall posts and asks, and meat is cooked on the stove. When I got this, there were a little over 12 days left on the timer.

There is a daily record players can try to reach, which is marked in the right hand column by the big yellow box. Different ingredients add different amounts of height to your burger. Players who manage to hit the daily target receive rewards. The reward at this time is 6 Instant Thymes.

Double Cheese Melt
Time: 8hrs
Cost: 415 coins
Mastery 1: 99
Servings: 325
Earnings: 3/975 total
CP Total: 148
Cuisine: American
Adds 0.1 inches to burger height

Turkey Patty
Time: 10hrs
Cost: 880 coins
Mastery 1: 99
Servings: 450
Earnings: 5/2,250 total
CP Total: 272
Cuisine: American
Adds 0.2 inches to burger height

Minced Meat Patty
Time: 14hrs
Cost: 1,990 coins
Mastery 1: 99
Servings: 875
Earnings: 6/5,250 total
CP Total: 452
Cuisine: American
Adds 0.3 inches to burger height

Herbed Lamb Patty
Time: 18hrs
Cost: 650 coins
Mastery 1: 99
Servings: 390
Earnings: 4/1,560 total
CP Total: 212
Cuisine: American
Adds 0.4 inches to burger height

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