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Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd Mega Stove

Cafe World has just rolled out a set of goals for a 2nd Mega Stove. This goal set is 5 parts. The goals are listed below.

Place 2nd Mega Stove! (Goal #1)
Place your 2nd 4x Mega Stove
Serve Macaroni and Cheese 10 times
Spice 4 of your Neighbors' Dishes

Unlock the first burner! (Goal #2)
Ask for 8 Grates
Serve Crackling Peking Duck 10 times
Spice 5 of your Neighbors' Dishes

Unlock the second burner! (Goal #3)
Ask for 10 Computer Chips
Serve Pita and Dolmas 25 times
Ask for 12 Drip Bowls

Unlock the third burner! (Goal #4)
Ask for 12 Metal Plates
Serve Voodoo Chicken Salad 20 times
Ask for 10 Control Knobs

Unlock the fourth burner! (Goal #5)
Ask for 12 Igniters
Serve Chashu Ramen 30 times
Ask for 12 LED Displays

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