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Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffee Machine

Basic Description
Cafe World's coffee machine is given to players around the time the Cooking Academy goals show up. There isn't a definite level in which the coffee machine shows up. A pop up will allow placement of the machine in the cafe. At first, the coffee machine is in a crate, and players will need a certain amount of neighbors to "Help open the crate." The coffee machine pictured is what it will look like after the "Latte" section has been unlocked.

When the coffee machine is empty, a picture of an empty coffee cup will appear towards the top of it, like the picture on the left. Click on the machine to refill it, and a menu will pop up. The menu will pop up only if the coffee machine is empty. The menu consists of four sections, Basic, Espresso, Latte and Specialty. The coffee machine upgrades itself after each section is opened. Coffee Business are two sections on the menu that are locked because Cafe World has not opened those parts of the game as of now.

Visit the posts below to view stats on the different types of coffee.
Using Energy
Coffee is brewed by using energy. Each drink has a different energy cost. If all energy has been used up, players can ask friends for some more or wait for the energy to recharge. As players master making drinks, the maximum energy will increase by 1 point per level until it reaches the cap of 230. Drinks are served by simply clicking on a customer with a coffee cup above their head. If Becky the Barista has been unlocked, all players have to do is make coffee and Becky will serve customers. The customer will pay in coins, improve your buzz rating, and give Cafe Points.

UPDATE: The Specialty Menu has been opened! See Specialty Coffee Menu post for more details.

The Specialty menu has been locked since the release of the coffee machine, and remains locked.

The Coffee Business has been locked since the release of the coffee machine and remains locked.

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  1. Thank you...stay tuned for more!
    I love it....great job...
    Coffee Equipment

  2. i don´t have a coffee machine,everyone has a coffee machine but me.i want to know how to get my coffee machine

  3. Hi.

    After the Cooking Academy goals show up, the coffee machine follows shortly after.

  4. I have finished all Cooking Academy Goals and have even received my cravat holder but I still do not have the coffee maker. I am level 86 with over 100 neighbours. Any ideas?

  5. I am level 46 and cant find my coffeee machine or the upgrade your cafe goal.... what does the little icon look like or have the changed where it's located?

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