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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sous Chef

Cafe World has introduced Sous Chef Remy. This is a feature created to make it so players can put the same dish on all of their stoves with one click. This is a six goal set.

There are a set of goals to complete to be able to use Sous Chef Remy to his full advantage.

Build a Sous Station (Goal #1)
Place Sous Chef Station
Ask for 5 Counters
Ask for 5 Cabinets
Unlocks: Sous Chef

Hire Chef's Crew - Ask your friends to join, and they will stay on the crew for 7 days.

Train Chef's Crew - Train crew. Complete goals to get a training certificate.
1-Click Cooking - After all this, Sous Chef Remy can put the same dish on all stoves with one click.

Hire Me a Crew! (Goal #2)
Hire the Chef's crew

He Slices and Dices (Goal #3)
Cook Clubhouse Sandwich 3 times
Ask for 5 Knives
Ask for 7 Tasting Spoons

Sous Him (Goal #4)
Serve Chips and Guacomole 10 times
Serve Tikka Masala Kabobs 10 times
Ask for 12 Calamata Olives

Entrees (Goal #5)
Serve Spitfire Roasted Chicken 10 times
Serve Crackling Peking Duck 10 times
Ask for 10 Tahitian Punch

Sweet Sous (Goal #6)
Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 4 times
Ask for 7 Pastry Knives
Ask for 10 Bags of Pastry Flour
Once Goal #6 has been completed, Sous Chef Remy is ready to begin cooking. Click on him, and a drop down box will appear with three options, which are to cook the most recent dish again, cook a new dish, and look at your crew. Crew will need to be re-hired every week.

Once you pick a dish, Sous Chef Remy will put the dishes on all the stoves you have selected. If you have dishes on some of your stoves already, the Sous Chef will only put new dishes on the empty stoves. This means if you need some of your stoves to have different dishes, put those on manually before you use the Sous Chef. If you don't have all one-click stoves, you will still need to go through the three step clicking to prepare each ingredient.
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