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Thursday, May 19, 2011

2nd Pizza Oven

Cafe World has given players a chance to build a second pizza oven. Some new pizza recipes are attached to this goal chain. This is a 5 part goal chain.

We Want More Pizza! (Goal #1)
Place your Second Pizza Oven
Ask for 4 Scoops of Flour [post to wall]
Serve Pizza Margherita 1 time

Spice It Up! (Goal #2)
Cook Mike's Mystical Pizza 2 times
Spice 4 of your Neighbor's Dishes
Ask for 5 Jalapeno Peppers

Pizza Possibilities (Goal #3)
Serve Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 2 times
Ask for 5 Jars of BBQ Sauce [post to wall]
Ask for 6 Chicken Breasts
Unlocks: BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe

Make It and Bake It! (Goal #4)
Have 5 Pizza Hickory Logs
Serve BBQ Chicken Pizza 2 times
Ask for 8 Basil Leaves [post to wall]

Now We're Cookin'! (Goal #5)
Finish building your 2nd Pizza Oven
Serve Mike's Mystical Pizza 5 times
Cook BBQ Chicken Pizza 8 times
Unlocks: Chef Piero's Special recipe

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