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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunrise SUBWAY Melt

The Sunrise SUBWAY Melt recipe was given to players with the introduction of the SUBWAY Breakfast Express goals. Here are the dish stats. This recipe has since expired.

Cuisine: SUBWAY
Cost: 1,500 coins
Cook Time: 12hrs [11hrs 24mins after Mastery Level 3]
Coins Per Serving: 20/6,500 total [6,820 Total w/Added Servings]
Cafe Points Cooking: 75
Cafe Points Serving: 250 [263 after Mastery Level 2]
Number of Servings: 325 [341 after Mastery Level 1]
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 1: 10
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 2: unknown
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 3: unknown

All Mastery Levels unlock rewards. These are listed below.
Mastery Level 1 Reward: +16 servings
Mastery Level 2 Reward: +13 Cafe Points Serving (Cafe Points Cooking stays the same)
Mastery Level 3 Reward: -36mins cooking time
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