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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4x Cooking Station

Cafe World has just released the 4x Cooking Station goals, which is a kitchen appliance that combines 4 of your existing stoves into 1, saving you space in your kitchen. This goal set is 6 parts and unlocks the Eggy in a Basket recipe. Players can choose which stoves they want to put in their cooking station by dragging selected stoves into the station.

4X Cooking Station (Goal #1)
Place your 4x Cooking Station
Serve Chips and Guacamole 7 times
Ask for 4 Seating Charts [post to wall]

4X Cooking Station Builder
Ask for 6 Gas Pipes
Ask for 9 Bolts
Ask for 10 Steel Panels
Ask for 10 Thermostats

I Can Fix That (Goal #2)
Serve Pita and Dolmas 15 times
Ask for 7 Handwritten Jokes
Have 6 Gas Pipes

Elbow Grease (Goal #3)
Serve Savory Stuffed Turkey 30 times
Ask for 8 Copper Coils [post to wall]
Ask for 6 Multi-tools

Kitchen Support (Goal #4)
Serve Voodoo Chicken Salad 35 times
Ask for 8 Rust-proof Bolts [post to wall]
Have 10 Steel Plates

Eggs for All (Goal #5)
Serve Gem Cake 50 times
Ask for 9 Atomic Eggs [post to wall]
Ask for 8 Wonderous Bread
Unlocks: Eggy Award decoration

It's Alive (Goal #6)
Finish building the Cooking Station
Cook with the Cooking Station 3 times
Ask for 12 Quark Cheese
Unlocks: Eggy in a Basket recipe

Once you're done with the goals, you can drag 4 stoves into the cooking station. You can change the stoves that are in your cooking station at any time.

You will have the choice to customize the colors of your cooking station. Here is one of the color options.
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  1. my 4x lightning stove wont stay FUSED! how to fix???

  2. Hi Robin,

    Copy and paste this link into your browser:

    Fill out the information to report your problem to Zynga and they will look at your account and fix it.