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Monday, July 18, 2011

Album Release Party

Cafe World has released the Album Release Party catering order. The story is that your cafe has been chosen to cater the release of Major Appliance's new CD, Preheat to 350. Completing this order in 5 days will unlock the Cocktail Weenies recipe.

Completing this order with 3 stars requires cooking and asking for the following items.

Dishes Needed
Serve Creme Fraiche Caviar 375 times [30min]
Serve Lavish Lamb Curry 100 times [8hr]
Serve Kung Pao Stir Fry 115 times [4hr]

Items Needed
Ask for 18 CD Cases
Ask for 10 Turntables

Complete in 5 days
3 Star Rewards: 10 Catering Points, 3,500 Cafe Points, 75,000 Cafe Coins, Cocktail Weenies recipe

Complete in 7 days
2 Star Rewards: 6 Catering Points, 2,500 Cafe Points, 50,000 Cafe Coins

Complete with no time limit
1 Star Rewards: 3 Catering Points, 1,500 Cafe Points, 30,000 Cafe Coins
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