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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sushi Station - Chef Takeshi

Cafe World has released the Sushi Station. Chef Takeshi will hang out at the station much like Chef Daniela at the Pastry Station. This goal chain unlocks the station and a couple of recipes.

A Cut Above (Goal #1)
Place your Sushi Station
Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 15 times
Spice 5 of your Neighbors' Dishes

Deep Sea Sushi - Sushi Station Builder
Ask for 8 Sushi Knives
Ask for 10 Rolling Mats
Ask for 12 Sushi Boats
Ask for 12 Soy Sauce Bottles

Gone Fishin' (Goal #2)
Complete building the Sushi Station
Ask for 6 Bags of Rice
Complete 5 Eat Missions
TIP: Hover over a neighbors name, and click on "Today's Dish," to complete the eat missions.
Unlocks: Avocado Roll recipe

Wasabi Hobby (Goal #3)
Ask for 10 Bunches of Wasabi
Serve Avocado Rolls 5 times
Serve Fruit Punch 16 times
Unlocks: Spicy Tuna Roll recipe

Fishy Business (Goal #4)
Ask for 6 Octopi
Serve Spice Tina Rolls 5 times
Ask for 6 Eels
Unlocks: Caterpillar Roll recipe

Get Out of Your Shell (Goal #5)
Ask for 6 Urchins
Serve Caterpillar Rolls 5 times
Ask for 8 Sweet Shrimp
Unlocks: Uni recipe

On a Roll (Goal #6)
Ask for 8 Seaweed Packages
Serve Uni 6 times
Ask for 6 Ginger Roots
Unlocks: Sushi Boat recipe - picture doesn't show reward, but after completing this goal, Sushi Boat was unlocked in my cookbook

The Deadliest Dish (Goal #7)
Ask for 12 Fugu
Serve Sushi Boats 5 times
Ask for 12 Antidotes
Unlocks: Fugu recipe
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  1. How do I get the fruit punch? I can't find it anywhere and it's not listed in my mocktails juice bar.


    If you copy and paste the above link, you will find the post with the Fruit Punch. It is in the Basics Menu of the drink bar.