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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Romance Movie Magic Goals - EXPIRED

Cafe World has released the Romance Movie Magic goals, which expire JULY 20. A movie company wants to shoot a movie in your cafe. This goal chain unlocks some new decorations and an exclusive recipe.

Lights, Camera, Cook 1
Serve or Ask for Lox Bagel 5 times
Serve Powdered French Toast 5 times
Serve Buttermilk Pancakes 5 times
Unlocks: 4 Romantic Table Decorations

Lights, Camera, Cook 2
Serve or Ask for Stuffed Mushrooms 25 times
Ask for 5 Make Up Boxes
Ask for 5 Movie Lights
Unlocks: 4 Romantic Chair Decorations

Lights, Camera, Cook 3
Serve or Ask for Vegas Buffet 40 times
Serve Vegetarian Tamales 10 times
Ask for 15 Bitter Sweet Chocolates
Unlocks: Romantic Wall Light Decoration

Lights, Camera, Cook 4
Serve or Ask for Delicious Chocolate Cake 20 times
Ask for 9 All-Purpose Flour
Ask for 9 Movie Lights
Unlocks: 3 Romantic Wall Light Decorations

Lights, Camera, Cook 5
Serve or Ask for Creme Fraiche Caviar 50 times
Serve or Ask for Impossible Quiche 20 times
Ask for 19 Bitter Sweet Chocolates
Unlocks: Romantic Brownie Sundae

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