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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drink Bar

At around Level 42, this menu pops up, where you can start building your drink bar. This might show up also when you are in the Cooking Academy goal that wants you to build the Collections Cabinet and get the Light Blue Cravat.

Basic Description
Cafe World's Drink Bar is the place to go mix juice and drinks. There is a lot of building that needs to be done. First when the drink bar is placed, it will need to be built.

Drink Bar Placement
Place the drink bar, then start building it with these parts.

Ask for 8 Buckets of Ice
Ask for 8 Menus
Ask for 8 Napkins
Ask for 16 Kitchen Tools

Drink Bar Menus
Click on the posts below to view the different menus.
Stock Up
Upgrade Bar
Juice Blends
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