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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chocolate S'more Fondue

The Chocolate S'more Fondue recipe is a limited time dish that can be unlocked by completing Joe with the Flow (The Proposal Part 2 Goal #6). Here are the dish stats.

Cuisine: Fondue Station
Cost: 35,000 coins
Cook Time: 8hrs [7hrs 36mins after Mastery Level 3]
Coins Per Serving: 125/50,000 [52,500 Total w/Added Servings]
Cafe Points Cooking: 225
Cafe Points Serving: 1,550 [1,628 after Mastery Level 2]
Number of Servings: 400 [420 after Mastery Level 1]
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 1: 4
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 2: unknown
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 3: unknown

All Mastery Levels unlock rewards. These are listed below.
Mastery Level 1 Reward: +20 servings
Mastery Level 2 Reward: +78 Cafe Points Serving (Cafe Points Cooking stays the same)
Mastery Level 3 Reward: -24mins cooking time
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  1. I did all these goals and don't have this dish in my recipe book. Any reason why? My dh has a cafe world and I usually do his too- he has the smores fondue but not me. How would I get this one?

  2. Hi green sleeves,

    It sounds like your game glitched. Copy this link "" into your browser, tell Zynga what happened, and they will get back to you in 48 hours.