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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Proposal Part Three - EXPIRED

Cafe World has released the Proposal Part Three. This set of 7 goals continues on from where Joe and Lisa had dinner with Lisa's parents. There is a 7 day time limit on these goals. There is a Romantic Table build-able that will become a functional decoration when it is completed. Customers will come into your cafe dressed in formal attire after the Romantic Table is completed. There are 3 recipes tied to this goal chain and they are Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi, Mocha Hawaiian Malasada, and Dark Chocolate Truffles.

1. There is a 7 day time limit for these goals.
2. According to the Goal #1 that showed up in my cafe, I think Zynga is randomly generating dishes again. Different players will have different dishes to cook. Don't worry if the guide here doesn't match the dish in your cafe. Focus on cooking the dish that pops up in your cafe and it will count towards the goal.
3. The Romantic Table is a functional decoration, not a regular table for customers. When it is completed, it will generate customers who come in wearing formal clothes.
4. When a goal asks you to serve a drink or coffee "x" amount of times, it means the number of customers to serve, not how many times you have to make or brew the drink. 
5. Zynga has unlocked the Oyster Shooter recipe for those players who didn't have it, and it is being used in this goal set. 
6. Zynga has unlocked the Mini Crab Cakes recipe for those players who didn't have it, and it is being used in this goal set.

This is the checklist for the Proposal Part Three.

Here are the parts needed to build the Romantic Table functional decoration.

Ask for 9 Crystal Stemware
Ask for 7 Silverware
Ask for 5 Rose Petals
Ask for 9 Candles

Setting the Table (Goal #1)
Place a Romantic Table in your cafe
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 10 times
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 10 times
*The above is not a glitch, there will be 2 different dishes, each being served 10 times.*

A Cup of Joe (Goal #2)
Ask for 6 Fine China [post to wall every 4 hours]
Serve Gourmet Blend 18 times *coffee machine*
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 10 times
Unlocks: Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi recipe

The Countdown (Goal #3)
Ask for 6 Mahi Mahi Filets
Ask for 7 Bags of Almonds
Serve Mini Crab Cakes 12 times *I have heard this dish is the same for everyone. It is under American cuisine in the cookbook.*
A Hearty Meal (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Cups of Mocha Filling
Spice 5 of your Neighbors' Dishes
Serve Oyster Shooter 20 times *Zynga unlocked this dish, I found it in my cookbook even though I didn't unlock it myself during the Valentine's Day goals, and it is the same for everyone.*
Unlocks: Mocha Hawaiian Malasada

Oh My Hawaii (Goal #5)
Ask for 6 Dessert Boxes
Serve Mocha Hawaiian Malasada 10 times
Complete Mastery Level 1 of Almond Crusted Mahi Mahi

After Dinner (Goal #6)
Ask for 8 Dark Chocolate Bars
Serve Ginger Ale 18 times *drink machine*
Ask for 8 Dessert Serving Trays
Unlocks: Dark Chocolate Truffles

The Big Question (Goal #7)
Ask for 9 Cups of Dark Chocolate Powder
Finish building the Romantic Table
Complete Mastery Level 2 of Dark Chocolate Truffles

This is the completed checklist with all the pictures revealed.

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