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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Flight Meal

The In Flight Meal recipe can be unlocked through regular game play at Level 30. Here are the dish stats.

Cuisine: Fast Food
Cost: 900 coins
Cook Time: 10hrs [9hrs 30mins after Mastery Level 3]
Coins Per Serving: 5/2,500 total [2,625 Total w/Added Servings]
Cafe Points Cooking: 45
Cafe Points Serving: 110 [116 after Mastery Level 2]
Number of Servings: 500 [525 after Mastery Level 1]
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 1: 35
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 2: 40
Times Cooked to Mastery Level 3: 51

All Mastery Levels unlock rewards. These are listed below.
Mastery Level 1 Reward: +25 servings
Mastery Level 2 Reward: +6 Cafe Points Serving (Cafe Points Cooking stays the same)
Mastery Level 3 Reward: -30mins cooking time
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  1. REALLY? i'm at level 85.. and it is no where to be found

  2. Hi, if your dish is still locked, you can go to this web address to contact Zynga:

    Tell them you are at Level 85 and you are wondering where the In Flight Meal is since it unlocks at Level 30.

    A really old cookbook picture I found at this link:

    shows this dish as "Limited Time," but I don't remember having to do any crazy goals to get it. I am unsure what's going on with this dish.