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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Proposal Part Two - EXPIRED

Cafe World has extended the expiration of this goal until Friday August 26th.

Cafe World has released The Proposal Part Two. This is a timed goal, and it continues on from where the previous story line left off. Joe is now meeting Lisa's parents. This goal introduces the Fondue Station. This goal will expire in 6 days, which is approximately August 25th.

1. Zynga is randomly generating dishes. Different players will have different dishes to cook. Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe and it will count for the goal. Don't worry if the guide here looks different regarding the food you need to cook.
2. You will need to finish building the Fondue Station in Goal #2.
3. When you need to serve drinks, the number means how many customers need to be served, not how many times you need to brew or mix.

This is the checklist for the goals. It is what opens up when you click on the icon on the right side of your screen. Players will be able to see how much time they have left by opening the checklist. As you complete goals, the pictures will be revealed.

Changing Course (Goal #1)
Place Fondue Station
Collect 4 Table Settings [post to wall]
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 10 times

Fondue Station Builder
Ask for 6 Cheese Wheels [post to wall]
Ask for 6 Caquelon
Ask for 8 Dipping Forks
Ask for 8 Fondue Lamps

Fondue Skidoo (Goal #2)
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 10 times
Finish building your Fondue Station
Ask for 6 Cups of Shredded Cheese

Ring and A Miss (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Cheddar Blocks
Ask for 15 Artichoke Hearts
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 15 times

Uh-Oh Joe (Goal #4)
Serve Artichoke Cheese Fondue 20 times *This is a recipe unlocked in the Fondue Station.*
Ask for 10 Chipotle Peppers
Spice 10 of your Neighbors' Dishes
Unlocks: Fiesta Cheese Fondue recipe

Agony of the Feet (Goal #5)
Complete Level 1 Mastery of Fiesta Cheese Fondue
Ask for 10 Chocolate Shavings
Complete Level 2 Mastery of Artichoke Cheese Fondue

Joe with the Flow (Goal #6)
Serve Ginger Ale 18 times *drink machine*
Serve Gourmet Blend 18 times *coffee machine*
Ask for 3 Bags of Marshmallows
Unlocks: Chocolate S'more Fondue recipe

The Goodbye Girl (Goal #7)
Ask for 3 Plump Berries
Ask for 9 Orange Slices
Complete Level 1 Mastery of Chocolate S'more Fondue

Here is the completed checklist for this goal.
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