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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Double Mastery All Weekend

This just in! Cafe World is giving us players a perk this weekend. From today until Tuesday August 16, every dish we cook will gain 2 mastery points. The cookbook will still look the same, but every time a dish is served from a regular stove a +2 Mastery should float up. This is also supposed to apply to the  BBQ Grill and the Pastry Station. If you have a Grand Master Chef in your cafe that is functional, you will be receiving that bonus in addition to this. You could gain as much as +6 Mastery using it.

In a nutshell...
+2 Mastery for all regular stoves, BBQ Grill, Pastry Station, and 4x Mega stoves with one burner unlocked
+8 Mastery for 4x Mega stoves (if you have all four burners unlocked)
+6 Mastery for 4x Mega stoves (if you have three burners unlocked)
+6 Mastery if you are using a functional Grand Master Chef
+4 Mastery for 4x Mega stoves (if you have two burners unlocked)
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