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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black Orchid

Cafe World has released the Black Orchid goals, which is a set of 10. This goal rewards Gold Hearts since the gift shop is going to remain open for a period of time. The gift shop will close on February 29th. This goal also rewards flowers and vases, which are part of the new Flower Garden feature. For more info on the garden, follow the "Flower Garden Info" link above.

The Black Orchid (Goal #1)
Ask for 4 Bags of Fertilizer [wall post]
Ask for 5 Doses of Sunshine
Serve a random 6hr dish 25 times
Rewards: 100 Cafe Points, 1 Gold Heart

Snowy Peaks (Goal #2)
Ask for 6 Flower Pots [wall post]
Ask for 5 Cans of Bug Spray
Serve a random 6hr dish 40 times
Unlocks: Lilac flower

Goin' Be Cold! (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Jackets [wall post]
Grow 4 Lilacs in the Flower Garden
Serve a random 5hr dish 50 times
Rewards: 150 Cafe Points, 1 Gold Heart

Piping Hot (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Jars of Cocoa [wall post]
Ask for 7 Marshmallows
Serve a random 9hr dish 60 times
Reward: Glass Vase

Get Packing! (Goal #5)
Ask for 9 Plane Tickets [wall post]
Ask for 10 Suitcases
Serve a random dish 70 times
Unlocks: Rose flower

Base Camp (Goal #6)
Ask for 10 Tents [wall post]
Grow 4 Roses
Serve a random 10hr dish 70 times
Rewards: 150 Cafe Points, 1 Gold Heart

An Icy Wall (Goal #7)
Ask for 13 Ice Picks [wall post]
Ask for 12 Sets of Climbing Gear
Serve a random 20hr dish 65 times
Reward: Glass Vase

Lost Climber (Goal #8)
Ask for 15 Flower Cards [wall post]
Ask for 14 Flower Cups
Serve a random 14hr dish 80 times
Unlocks: Bird of Paradise flower

The Summit (Goal #9)
Ask for 17 Windbreakers
Grow 4 Birds of Paradise
Serve a random 10hr dish 80 times
Unlocks: Black Orchid flower

The Black Orchid(Goal #10)
Ask for 19 Shovels
Grow 4 Black Orchids
Serve a random 22hr dish 90 times
Rewards: New flower pot in garden 2 Gold Hearts  **Feb. 29th - The Gift Shop is closed, so no more Gold Hearts will be awarded.**

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