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Friday, February 3, 2012

Spice Co

Cafe World has released the Spice Co goals. This is a 10 part goal set that is not timed. Burt's station is a buildable. Burt Macklin, the Spice Co pitchman is visiting your cafe. If you fill in his studio audience [a full crew], he will demonstrate spices on your stoves for free. Crew stay active until you use the spice demonstration. To perform another demonstration another set of crew will need to be hired. Burt's station needs to be placed in the cafe in order to use it.

The instructions seem to say that once these goals are completed, and you hire a crew, you can spice all your stoves for free. You get to choose which of the 3 different spices [Salvage Sage, One Hour Thyme, or Mastery Mint] you would like to use.

Spice Co Builder
Ask for 10 Sales Counters [wall post]
Ask for 14 Spice Racks
Ask for 10 Sales Pitches [wall post]
Ask for 14 Spice Co Signs
Function: Spice all stoves for free with a full crew

Recipes Unlocked: Fast Chop Salsa

Meet Burt (Goal #1)
Place Burt
Ask for 4 Business Cards [wall post]
Serve a random 6hr dish 40 times
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Best Pitchman (Goal #2)
Complete Burt
Ask for 5 Free Samples [wall post]
Serve a random 8hr dish 50 times
Unlocks: Fast Chop Salsa recipe

No Spoiling? (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Scented Candles [wall post]
Ask for 7 Garbage Bags
Serve a random dish 60 times
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Can't Remember (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Sticky Notes [wall post]
Ask for 8 Ribbon Reminders
Serve a random dish 50 times

Salvage Food! (Goal #5)
Ask for 9 Spice Jars [wall post]
Ask for 10 Spice Racks
Serve a random dish 90 times
Unlocks: Fruit-o-Matic Salad recipe

There's More! (Goal #6)
Ask for 10 Spice Bags [wall post]
Ask for 11 Question Marks
Serve a random dish 80 times

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