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Monday, February 13, 2012

Storing Leftovers

Cafe World has released the Storing Leftovers goals, which is 10 parts total. This is one of the simple chains that unlocks a few recipes, which are Next Day Turkey Chili, Leftover Sandwich, and Mystery Pot Pie.

Storing Leftovers (Goal #1)
Ask for 6 Plastic Food Containers [wall post]
Serve a random 7hr dish 30 times
Ask for 6 Cans of Gravy
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Turkey Trouble! (Goal #2)
Ask for 7 Leftover Turkeys [wall post]
Serve a random 8hr dish 40 times
Ask for 7 Chili Beans
Unlocks: Next Day Turkey Chili recipe

Choosing Chili (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Shredded Cheese [wall post]
Serve Next Day Turkey Chili 50 times - 4hr
Ask for 7 Chopped Onions

Leftover Lunch (Goal #4)
Ask for 7 Carving Knives [wall post]
Serve a random 8hr dish 60 times
Spice your own stoves 15 times

Leftover Loaves (Goal #5)
Ask for 7 Bread Loaves [wall post]
Serve a random 12hr dish 50 times
Ask for 7 Extra Stuffing
Unlocks: Leftover Sandwich recipe

Sandwich Servings (Goal #6)
Ask for 8 Pickle Spears [wall post]
Serve Leftover Sandwich 60 times - 8hr
Ask for 8 Cups of Mayo

Holiday Packing (Goal #7)
Ask for 8 Packing Crates [wall post]
Serve a random 1day dish 40 times
Ask for 8 Storage Bins

Friendly Invites (Goal #8)
Ask for 9 Dinner Invites [wall post]
Serve a random 4hr dish 60 times
Ask for 9 Ramekins

Mystery Dish (Goal #9)
Ask for 9 Mystery Meat [wall post]
Serve a random 12hr dish 60 times
Ask for 9 Assorted Veggies
Unlocks: Mystery Pot Pie recipe

Mystery Dinner! (Goal #10)
Ask for 10 Clue Books [wall post]
Serve Mystery Pot Pie 100 times - 12hr
Ask for 10 Mystery Candles
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