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Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Blizzard

Cafe World has released the Great Blizzard goal that is 8 parts, with no timer. Zynga recently announced their "smart engine" way of generating tasks. It's not very well described on the Zynga FAQ page. All it says is that the tasks are generated based on lots of complex variables. As far as I can tell, the number of items you need to ask for is now going to vary. You can read the FAQs regarding this subject with this link: Zynga Smart Engine FAQ.

This goal series unlocks the Ice Smoothie and Garlic Strings recipes.

This Just In! (Goal #1)
Ask for 3 Weather Reports [wall post]
Ask for 4 Candles
Serve a random 2hr dish 15 times

Bad News (Goal #2)
Ask for 3 Batteries [wall post]
Ask for 4 Boxes of Supplies
Serve a random 3hr dish 12 times
Reward: Sixhour Thyme

It's Cold Outside (Goal #3)
Ask for 4 Flashlights
Ask for 3 Space Heaters [wall post]
Serve a random 6hr dish 30 times
Unlocks: Ice Smoothie recipe

The Aftermath (Goal #4)
Ask for 4 Snow Blowers [wall post]
Ask for 6 Snow Shovels
Serve a random 4hr dish 45 times

Roads Closed (Goal #5)
Ask for 5 Road Closed Signs [wall post]
Serve Ice Smoothies 40 times
Spice 10 of your own dishes

Running Low (Goal #6)
Ask for 7 Sticks of Leftover Butter
Ask for 6 Slightly Used Garlic Cloves [wall post]
Serve a random 12hr dish 60 times
Unlocks: Garlic Strings recipe

Feed 'em Strings (Goal #7)
Ask for 7 Tongs
Serve Garlic Strings 36 times - 8hr
Serve a random 12hr dish 70 times

Melting Away (Goal #8)
Ask for 7 Cherry Strainers
Master Garlic Strings to Level 2
Master Ice Smoothie to Level 2
Reward: 2 Instant Thyme
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