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Thursday, February 16, 2012

White Orchid

Cafe World has released the White Orchid goals, which are 10 parts. This goal chain rewards Gold Hearts since the gift shop will remain open for a period of time after the Valentine's event expires on February 20th. The gift shop will close on February 29th. Update: March 1st - Gold Hearts are no longer being rewarded since the gift shop is closed. This chain also rewards flowers and vases as it is part of the new Flower Garden feature. For more info on the garden, follow the "Flower Garden Info" link above.

The White Orchid (Goal #1)
Ask for 4 Watering Cans [wall post]
Ask for 5 Bags of Sugar
Place Flower Garden
Rewards: 100 Cafe Points, Gold Hearts
Flower Garden Builder
Ask for 4 Flower Pots [wall post]
Ask for 3 Flower Beds
Ask for 4 Flower Seeds [wall post]
Ask for 3 Misting Bottles
Function: Grows flowers for cafe to raise Happiness Level - at 6 active flowers, guests will come in that you can click on to get free spices

Jungle Expedition (Goal #2)
Ask for 6 Icing Tubes [wall post]
Ask for 7 Containers
Complete building the Flower Garden
Reward: Glass Vase

The Lost Map (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Lost Maps [wall post]
Grow 4 Lilies
Serve a random 14hr dish 20 times
Rewards: 150 Cafe Points, 1 Gold Heart

Stock Up (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Backpacks [wall post]
Ask for 8 Water Bottles
Serve a random dish 45 times
Reward: Glass Vase

Gear Up (Goal #5)
Ask for 9 Sandwich Bags
Ask for 10 Containers
Grow a random flower 4 times [this is like the random dish idea]
Unlocks: Magnolia flower

The Journey (Goal #6)
Ask for 9 Four Wheelers
Grow 4 Magnolias
Serve a random dish 35 times
Reward: Glass Vase

Enter the Jungle (Goal #7)
Ask for 10 Machetes
Ask for 10 Whips
Serve a random dish 55 times
Rewards: 200 Cafe Points, 1 Gold Heart

Lost Explorers (Goal #8)
Ask for 12 Pieces of Pork
Ask for 12 Eggplants
Serve a random dish 70 times
Reward: Glass Vase

Jungle Friends (Goal #9)
Ask for 13 Jungle Bowls
Serve a random dish 80 times
Serve a random dish 50 times
Unlocks: White Orchid flower

Found It (Goal #10)
Ask for 14 Clippers
Grow White Orchid 4 times
Serve a random dish 50 times
Unlocks: New flower pot in garden, 2 Gold Hearts
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