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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Game Appearance Update

Cafe World has been revamped. Game play is still the same, but a lot of visual aspects regarding location of things have changed.

Left Side of Screen

Quests/Goals - hover over to scroll through goal manager

Right Side of Screen

Send Gifts
Daily Bookmark Bonus Boxes - Just a bonus Special Delivery Box received if the Cafe World Bookmark on the left side of the Facebook home screen is used to enter Cafe World.

Right Bottom Side

Mystery Crate/Expand Cafe/Decorations/Functional
- When you open the decoration tab, anything you have in the inventory will show a picture of an open box next to the item rather than a "x1" like it used to have.

Prize Machine/Collections/Buildables

Gift Box

Right Top Side
Name of your Cafe - hover over to find Go Outside, Manage Employees, Customize Avatar, Medals

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