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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pastry Station

Cafe World has introduced the Pastry Station, which is a place to cook specialized cakes and pastries. Place the station in the cafe, build it, and start cooking. As of now, there isn't a goal chain tied to this new feature.

At first, the pastry station sounds like a clone of the Sous Chef Station, where players would have to hire their friends in order for the station to work, but upon closer observation, this doesn't seem to be true.

This guide says that friends only need to be hired if players want to master the pastry dishes faster, as well as having friends suggest icing messages for the cakes.

Hire Station Crew
One crew per cake! No crew is necessary, but will help you master faster.

The Icing on the Cake
Your crew suggests the writing on the cake.

It's Your Choice!
You choose a winner from all the icing ideas your crew provides.

This is the Pastry Station Builder. Clicking on Pastry Panel will guide you to post on your wall for the item. Clicking on Rack and Baking Tray will guide you to the list of friends' names. Clicking on Handle will guide you to post on your wall for the item.

Hiring a crew does two things. You will gain mastery points faster depending on how many crew members are hired. Crew also send you messages for the icing on your cake. The winner of the message you pick will receive 3 Instant Spices, and any other crew member who sent a message will receive 1 Instant Spice.
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