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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Use the Ice Cream Cart

Cafe World's Ice Cream Cart is now ready for use! Serving customers can be done one of two ways, either by clicking on the customers who have an ice cream icon over their head, or by hiring a crew of 6 friends. Each crew's shift will last for 6 hours before they have to be re-hired. Making ice cream requires energy, just like the coffee machine and the drink bar. When the ice cream cart runs out, an ice cream cone icon will appear over the ice cream cart. To make more ice cream click on the cart, and select "Make" on the drop down menu.


  1. ice cream cart won't let you send out lists for new people to replace people not checking in

  2. I've heard if you send a support ticket to Zynga about the ice cream crew problem, they will reset your crew for you.

    Here's the link to support: