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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ice Cream Cart

The Ice Cream Cart is ready for use. See this post, How to Use the Ice Cream Cart, for more information.

Cafe World has released an Ice Cream Cart for your cafes. Some customers will request ice cream when they are on their way out of your cafe. The ice cream cart will serve customers without having to click on it if a crew is hired. A six part goal chain is tied to this feature. Ice cream is supposed to show up next week sometime.

Place the Cart! (Goal #1)
Place Cart

Get Iced (Goal #2)
Ask for 3 Bags of Ice
Ask for 2 Stone Mixing Boards
Serve 15 Angel Fruit Cake

Clicking on the ice cream cart once you have placed it in your cafe will bring up the ice cream cart menu. Click "Hire Chefs" to hire friends to work on the ice cream cart  Click "Build Cart" to view the goals for finishing the cart.

Sprinkles and Syrup (Goal #3)
Ask for 7 Packs of Rainbow Sprinkles
Ask for 7 Butterscotch Syrups [posts to wall feed]
Serve Caramel Apples 18 times
After Goal #3 has been completed, this box pops up letting you know that if you hire a crew, the crew will serve the ice cream automatically. If you haven't already done so, click on the ice cream cart and hire a crew.

The Scoop Squad (Goal #4)
Hire Ice Cream Crew
Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 10 times
Serve Belgian Waffles 10 times

Any Given Sundae (Goal #5)
Serve Loco Moco 10 times
Serve Fish n'Chips 10 times
Spice 5 of your Neighbors Dishes

The Cherry on Top (Goal #6)
Ask for 10 Ice Cream Tasting Spoons
Serve White Radish Cakes 20 times
Ask for 10 Ice Cream Cones [posts to your wall]

Once Goal #6 has been completed, this little box pops up.
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