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Friday, June 17, 2011

Grill Power

Cafe World has introduced a new appliance, the BBQ Grill. This is a 6 part goal.

Grill Power 1
Place your BBQ Grill to begin unlocking burners
Serve Pita and Dolmas 10 times
Ask for 3 Ears of Corn
Unlocks: Elvis Pig decoration
The BBQ Grill works similarly to the Pastry Station. Crew is hired only if you want to master the dishes faster. Crew suggest a secret sauce to use, and you pick the winner from all the sauces suggested.

BBQ Grill
Ask for 8 Grill Racks
Ask for 8 Steel Plates [wall post]
Ask for 10 Kiss the Cook Aprons
Ask for 8 Cooling Racks [wall post]

*Cafe World has added a "See Who Helped" button to builders where you can post rewards to your wall and see which friends answered your requests.*

Grill Power 2
Serve Clubhouse Sandwiches 23 times
Ask for 5 Bags of Charcoal
Have 2 Grill Racks
Unlocks: Skillet Corn Bread recipe

Grill Power 3
Serve Skillet Corn Bread 30 times
Ask for 7 Cups of Cornmeal Batter
Ask for 7 Ears of Corn

Grill Power 4
Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 30 times
Ask for 8 Bags of Bread Crumbs
Have 6 Steel Plates
Unlocks: BBQ Corn recipe

Grill Power 5
Serve BBQ Corn 40 times
Ask for 8 Bags of Beans
Ask for 8 Cups of Chopped Onions
Reward: 500 Cafe Coins, 500 Cafe Points

Grill Power 6
Master Skillet Corn Bread to Level 2
Ask for 12 Tanks of Gas
Finish Building BBQ Grill
Unlocks: Four Bean Chili recipe
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