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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Super Summer Food Fest - EXPIRED

Cafe World is getting ready to celebrate for the summer with the release of the Super Summer Food Fest Goals on June 23. This goal chain is limited time, with 11 days to complete the unlocking of four recipes, collection of Festival passes, and a catering order.

There is a summer sweepstakes that players can enter, and if they finish the goals before the time limit is reached, they get an extra 500 festival passes, which are used to enter the sweepstakes.

There are four recipes that can be unlocked through this goal chain. They are Chicken Salad Wrap, Baked Potatoes, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, and Baby-Back Ribs. The RSVPs for this chain are Festival Passes. Players will only be able to ask the same friend for a Festival Pass once throughout the festival.

A Super Food Booth (Goal #1)
Place Your Food Booth
Have 2 Festival Passes
Serve Corn Dogs 10 times
Unlocks: Chicken Salad Wrap recipe

Super Summer Fair (Goal #2)
Serve Caramel Apples 15 times
Serve Chicken Salad Wraps 15 times
Ask for 5 Tablecloths

Summer Spuds (Goal #3)
Serve Atomic Buffalo Wings 30 times
Ask for 5 Big Baking Potatoes [post to wall]
Have 8 Festival Passes
Unlocks: Baked Potatoes recipe

Enter the Ice Cream! (Goal #4)
Complete building the Ice Cream Cart
Ask for 8 Balloons [post to wall]
Master Baked Potatoes to Level 1

An Explosive Summer (Goal #5)
Master Chicken Salad Wraps to Level 2
Have 15 Festival Passes
Ask for 7 Fireworks [post to wall]

Grilling Season (Goal #6)
Serve BBQ Chicken 35 times
Ask for 7 Saucey Suggestions [post to wall]
Ask for 10 BBQ Aprons

It's Officially Summer (Goal #7)
Complete building the BBQ Grill
Ask for 12 Jars of Molasses [post to wall]
Serve Clubhouse Sandwiches 40 times
Unlocks: Bacon Wrapped Scallops recipe

Grilled to Order (Goal #8)
Master Pulled Pork to Level 2 [BBQ Grill recipe]
Serve Ginger Ale 16 times [Drink Bar]
Have 25 Festival Passes

After this goal, you will be prompted to place your BBQ Grill, and hire a crew.

Put Summer on Ice (Goal #9)
Spice your Neighbor's Dishes 12 times
Ask for 10 Ice Chests
Serve Bacon Wrapped Scallops 40 times

Tall, Frosty Glasses (Goal #10)
Master Tangy BBQ Chicken to Level 2 [BBQ Grill recipe]
Ask for 12 Stacks of Cups
Serve Fruit Punch 40 times [Drink Bar]

That's the Ticket! (Goal #11)
Master 40 oz. Steak to Level 2
Have 35 Festival Passes
Ask for 8 Red Chili Peppers

The Super Finale! (Goal #12)
Ask for 12 Baby Back Ribs
Have 40 Festival Passes
Complete the Super Summer Food Fest Catering Order
Unlocks: Baby-Back Ribs recipe
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  1. "Master Pulled Pork to Level 2 [BBQ Grill recipe]" -- and since we can't use the Grill yet, finishing this task could be tricky....

  2. Good news. BBQ Grill just became available as of June 24, around 9:30pm.

  3. Mastered 40oz steak to level 3 but still won't let me go on to level 12. :(

  4. The link below is for reporting issues with game functions. If the goal isn't letting you progress, you can go to this page and submit a ticket to Zynga.

  5. this will be so hard to finish, why can you just get one pass per friend?

  6. 11 days is ridiculously short. These goals are a little outrageous. I don't have nearly enough friends who even play this game to finish all these goals! SMH

  7. The reason for the "one pass per friend" is because the goals are tied to the sweepstakes. Each pass counts as an entry into the sweepstakes.

  8. I can't find the Summer Food Fest option anymore, I'm guessing it's over?

  9. Paula Mui, yes, these goals are now expired.

  10. .. hi. i can't find chicken salad wrap on my cookbook. i did all the goals to earn this recipe and now it's gone. i've already mastered this and while i was checking on my cookbook, i found out that it's missing together with peach pie a la mode. :( please explain to me why. thanks.

  11. Hi.. Your problem sounds like a glitch in the game. Copy and paste this link "" into your browser. It takes you to a site where you can report specific game problems to Zynga. They can look into your specific game and fix it for you. You'll need your Facebook UID available.