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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grandma's Lost Recipes

Cafe World has released a new feature called Grandma's Lost Recipes. Players can unlock certain limited time dishes as well as some new recipes.

To access this new feature, open your cookbook, and under the cookbook, you will find a bar, which is highlighted in red in the above picture. Click "Unlock a new dish!" to get started. After that is clicked, the following window will pop up.

Here, you will see the recipes available to unlock. Clicking "Unlock" under any dish will bring up a goal box in which you will have to complete tasks to unlock the recipe. Once you have clicked on one recipe, you will have to complete the goal before you can see the goals for the other recipes.

This is the goal box for the Choco-Scotch Clusters recipe.

Choco-Scotch Clusters
Earn 500,000 coins
Ask for 15 Translation Books
Ask for 15 Magnifying Glasses
Unlocks: Choco-Scotch Clusters recipe

This is the goal box for the Corn Flake Chicken recipe.

Corn Flake Chicken
Serve 70 dishes
Ask for 8 Translation Books [post to wall]
Ask for 12 Magnifying Glasses
Unlocks: Corn Flake Chicken recipe

This is the goal box for the Angel Slices recipe.

Angel Slices
Cook 50 dishes
Ask for 10 Translation Books
Ask for 8 Magnifying Glasses
Unlocks: Angel Slices recipe

Once you have unlocked a recipe, the bottom of your cookbook will change. There will be a progress percentage for the recipe you have chosen, a "View Goal" button, and an "Unlock with Cash" button.
After you have finished the goal for the recipe, it should show up in your cookbook.

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