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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cook a Thon

 ** The Cook a Thon timer has been increased to 5 days for the duration of the New Years Eve Bash. **
Cafe World has released the Cook a Thon, hosted by Tony Moon. There are lots of rewards to be earned through these series of goals. There are a little over 3 days to complete each goal. The very first dish will be randomly generated. While the Fall Feast was happening, the goals were extended to a 7 day time limit. They have since gone back to a 3 day 8 hour time limit.
What happens if I fail a goal?
If a player doesn't complete the goal in the allotted time limit, the goal disappears and the next one comes up. Rewards from the uncompleted goal are then lost. If a goal is not completed that yields a recipe reward, the next goal will generate a random dish for the player to cook. Good news though, if you don't complete the goals that reward you a random spice and Cafe Points, the next goal only requires you to master the recipe you unlocked to Level 1. [This has been my experience when I did not complete a goal with a random spice and Cafe Point reward.]

When you click the suitcase icon on the right hand side of your screen, you can see a summary of what you have unlocked. This image shows all items have been unlocked. [I have put the names of dishes in for informational purposes, names of dishes do not show up in game play.] The bar at the top of the image will be pictures of your friends with the button "Post" underneath. Clicking "Post" will post a request to your friends' wall, which they can click to give you a stamp. This is an alternate way of getting stamps, of course, you can always click the "Ask" button in each individual goal box. Clicking "Go to Goals" will take you to your current Cook a Thon goal. Unfortunately, clicking "Go to Goals" is the only way to close this page as there is no "x" button.

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