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Monday, December 26, 2011

Five 4X 50% Ultra Stoves

Cafe World has released the Five 4X 50% Ultra Stoves goal set, which is a mega goal. What I mean by that is there are sub-goals buried throughout the set. The main goal set is 10 parts, and each of the individual stoves have 9 parts. There are 5 different 4X Mega-Stoves that can be unlocked by completing these goals. They are all different colors; Pearl White, Rocket Red, Royal Blue, Racing Green, and Midnight Black.

The basic gist of this goal follows these 4 steps.
Step 1: Complete the goal on the left hand side to unlock the opportunity to place one of the stoves.
Step 2: Place the stove you just unlocked.
Step 3: Unlock each burner on the stove. [At first it will be a regular 4X Lightning Stove.]
Step 4: Additional goals will unlock the ability to turn all 5 stoves into 50% stoves.

Note: You can work on unlocking the burners at the same time you work on unlocking a new stove.

If you remember the original Mega-Stove, it is a one-click stove in which players had to unlock each specific burner in order to get all 4 burners to function. As you place each stove, you will need to unlock each burner to make it a Mega-Stove. Once that is done, the goals will help you progress so you can turn your Mega-Stove into an Ultra Stove. The Ultra Stove is the one that cooks food in half the time. At the end you should have five of the most powerful stoves in Cafe World. Unfortunately this goal is timed, and there is a lump sum of 25 days to complete it. As of this post, there are 23 days, 1 hour, and 12 minutes left.

Rocket Red! (Parent Goal #1)
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 60 times
Ask for 6 Metal Plates [wall post]
Ask for 6 Bolts

Place Your Rocket (Parent Goal #2)
Place your Rocket Red Mega Stove!

Note: You can place your red mega stove without needing to store one of your existing stoves.

      Links to Burner Unlock Goals

      Royal Blue! (Parent Goal #3)
      Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 40 times
      Ask for 7 Copper Wiring [wall post]
      Ask for 7 Gas Pipes

      Place Your Royal (Parent Goal #4)
      Place your Royal Blue Mega Stove!

      Racing Green! (Parent Goal #5)
      Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 40 times
      Ask for 8 Heating Coils [wall post]
      Ask for 8 Control Knobs

      Place Your Racing (Parent Goal #6)
      Place your Racing Green Mega Stove!

      Pearl White! (Parent Goal #7)
      Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 30 times
      Ask for 9 Burner Rings [wall post]
      Ask for 9 Handles

      Place Your Pearl (Parent Goal #8)
      Place your Pearl White Mega Stove!

      Midnight Black! (Parent Goal #9)
      Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 20 times
      Ask for 10 Drip Pans [wall post]
      Ask for 10 Thermostats

      Place Your Midnight Black (Parent Goal #10)
      Place your Midnight Black Mega Stove!

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      1. this quest has catering size orders and is pulled to soon--it is impossible to finish w/o cafe cash :|

      2. i hav put my Five 4X 50% Ultra Stoves but due to some reason i could not unlock its burners in the given time so pls can u give every body an extra chance to unlock them