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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rival Competitor

Cafe World has released the Rival Competitor goals. This chain is eight parts and it unlocks some recipes and ingredients. Players will also be rewarded with some premium spices. Some dishes will need the use of the BBQ Grill and Toaster Oven, [one dish on each] so you'll need to dig them out of inventory temporarily. Some dishes will be randomly generated.
Recipes: Jalapeno Bacon Wraps, Steak Stuffed Lobster
Ingredients: Shrimp. Spinach
Premium Spices: 5 One-Hour Thymes

The Competition (Goal #1)
Ask for 3 Customer Surveys [wall post]
Spice 3 of your Neighbors' Stoves
Serve Pulled Pork Sandwiches 10 times [BBQ Grill recipe]

Going Undercover (Goal #2)
Ask for 5 Binoculars [wall post]
Ask for 6 Dark Sunglasses
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 20 times - 6hr
Unlocks: 5 One-Hour Thymes

Surveillance (Goal #3)
Ask for 8 Jalapeno Peppers [wall post]
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 25 times
Ask for 10 Trench Coats
Unlocks: Jalapeno Bacon Wraps recipe

Copycats (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Secret Cookbooks
Master Jalapeno Bacon Wraps to Level 1
Serve Carrot Cake 25 times [Toaster Oven recipe]

The Master Plan (Goal #5)
Ask for 8 Master Plans
Ask for 12 Pens
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 30 times
Unlocks: Shrimp ingredient

On the Run (Goal #6)
Ask for 6 Seals of Approval
Master Jalapeno Bacon Wraps through Level 2
Serve Taste Lab Dish with Shrimp 20 times
Unlocks: Spinach ingredient

The Perfect Dish (Goal #7)
Ask for 10 Maine Lobsters
Ask for 10 Filet Mignon
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 28 times
Unlocks: Steak Stuffed Lobster recipe

Community (Goal #8)
Master Jalapeno Bacon Wraps through Level 3
Ask for 10 Tasting Forks
Master Steak Stuffed Lobster through Level 1
Unlocks: Voted Best Restaurant sign decoration
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