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Monday, December 12, 2011


Cafe World has released Winterfest, which is their set of goals for the holiday season. 
Upon first glance, there are a lot of simultaneous goals going on at once. This post is going to be an explanation because of the many sets of goals I've discovered.

This was the explanation pop up inside the game. There are 12 days to complete the event. A new quest will open every day at 12 PST that is 3 parts each. If you don't finish the previous days quests before the next day's quest pops up, you can still work on it. The nice thing about these quests is that you can work on ones you haven't finished as well as start on the new ones that pop up. There is also a side set of goals which is 15 parts. This goal was not explained in this pop up.

This is a checklist that opens up whenever you click on the icon that looks like a circular window with Christmas lights around it. Click on the "Part 1" to open up the goal and see what your tasks are.
There will be two things to "Place" in your cafe at the beginning of this event. The first one is a Gift Table that needs no building. The second one is an Automatic Gift Wrapper that is a buildable. The Toy Drive and the Tree Lighting are catering orders.

Here are the sets of goals.
Winterfest - 12 Doors [3 parts each day]
Winterfest - Upgrade your Automatic Gift Wrapper [15 Parts]
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