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Monday, December 19, 2011

Winterfest - Nut Roaster

 **Update: This goal set does NOT expire after 12 days. **
Cafe World has released the Nut Roaster goals. From what I understand, if players just finish the 12 Doors quest within 12 days, they will get the two 4X 50% Ultra Stoves and the other prizes listed in the Winterfest checklist. In other words, it seems like the Nut Roaster is a side goal of Winterfest that is not tied to the prizes. This goal is 10 parts. The Nut Roaster is a specialty stove that needs to be built. There are some recipes and ingredients to unlock. They are as follows:
Recipes: Sweet and Salty Peanuts, Honey Roasted Almonds, Macadamia Crusted Salmon, Chicken Pecan Quiche, Hazelnut Truffled Amaretto, Fire Roasted Chestnut
Ingredients: Walnuts
Place the Nut Roaster in your cafe, and don't be alarmed if you can't seem to find it. When the Nut Roaster is first placed, it  looks like a tiny little pile of reddish bricks. It's very small.

Nut Roaster Builder
Ask for 12 Roasting Pans [wall post]
Ask for 13 Firewood [wall post]
Ask for 12 Rolled Up Newspapers [wall post]
Ask for 13 Matches [wall post]
Function: Specialty stove with new recipes

Warming Up (Goal #1)
Place Nut Roaster
Ask for 5 Coals [wall post]
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 25 times

Let's Get Nutty! (Goal #2)
Complete building the Nut Roaster
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 30 times
Ask for 8 Bags of Peanuts [wall post]
Unlocks: Sweet and Salty Peanuts recipe

Almond Delight (Goal #3)
Master Sweet and Salty Peanuts to Level 1
Ask for 8 Bags of Almonds [wall post]
Ask for 8 Jars of Honey [wall post]
Unlocks: Honey Roasted Almond recipe

Nut Crunch (Goal #4)
Ask for 8 Salmon Filets [wall post]
Ask for 9 Nut Choppers
Serve Honey Roasted Almonds 3 times
Unlocks: Macadamia Crusted Salmon recipe

Shell Shocked (Goal #5)
Ask for 10 Nut Crackers [wall post]
Ask for 12 Nut Cracking Hammers
Serve Macadamia Crusted Salmon 3 times
Unlocks: Walnuts ingredient

Kicken' Pecan (Goal #6)
Cook Taste Lab Dish with Walnuts 20 times - if this is worded right, all that is needed is to put the dish on the stove, then delete it 20 times, with no need to serve
Ask for 8 Eggs [wall post]
Ask for 8 Pecans
Unlocks: Chicken Pecan Quiche recipe

Better With Nuts (Goal #7)
Serve Chicken Pecan Quiche 3 times
Ask for 5 Truffles
Ask for 20 Hazelnuts
Unlocks: Hazelnut Truffled Amaretto recipe

Light's Out (Goal #8)
Serve Hazelnut Truffled Amaretto 3 times
Ask for 8 Bottles of Lighter Fluid
Ask for 8 Grill Brushes

Nuts a' Roastin' (Goal #9)
Serve the dish that pops up in your cafe 30 times
Serve Honey Roasted Almonds 5 times
Ask for 10 Roast Master Aprons

Roast Master (Goal #10)
Serve Sweet and Salty Peanuts 5 times
Ask for 6 Serving Bowls
Ask for 10 Chestnuts
Unlocks: Fire Roasted Chestnut recipe
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