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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Business Upgrade II

The Business Upgrade II catering order is part of Cafe World's Catering Campaigns. The story is that you are continuing the upgrade of your catering business. Completing this order with in 3 or 5 days unlocks the Golden Anniversary Cake recipe.

Completing this order requires cooking and asking for the following items.

Dishes Needed
Serve Crawfish Etoufee 400 times - unlock through Business Upgrade I catering order with any star rating
Serve Late Night Snacks 300 times - [1day] - unlock through Orange Truck goal #3
Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 500 times - [18hr]

Items Needed
Ask for 14 Photo Albums
Ask for 14 Vow Renewals
Ask for 12 Flowers

Complete in 3 days
3 Star Reward: 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 Cafe Coins, Golden Anniversary Cake recipe

Complete in 5 days
2 Star Reward: 10 Catering Points, 5,000 Cafe Points, 125,000 Cafe Coins, Golden Anniversary Cake recipe

Complete with no time limit
1 Star Reward: 5 Catering Points, 3,000 Cafe Points, 75,000 Cafe Coins

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