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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mushroom Mania

Cafe World has released the Mushroom Mania goals. This goal has 10 parts. There are some recipes available through this quest line. They are Parm Baked Portobellos, Grilled Mushroom Fajitas, and King Salmon Matsutake. At the end of this quest, there is a 50% stove and an Instant Thyme spice bundle reward.

**NOTE: I think this quest line is running on the smart engine, so items you need to ask for may vary from the guide.**

Contest Entry (Goal #1)
Ask for 2 Contest Entries [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 1hr dish 25 times
Ask for 3 Fine Tip Pens
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

First Round Ideas (Goal #2)
Ask for 2 Portabello Mushrooms [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 2hr dish 40 times
Ask for 3 Parmesan Cheese
Unlocks: Parm Baked Portobello recipe

Portobello Pass (Goal #3)
Ask for 3 Round 3 Submission Forms [wall post]
Serve or ask for Parm Baked Portobello 50 times - 4hr
Ask for 4 Serving Trays
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Mania Round 2 (Goal #4)
Ask for 3 Peppers [wall post]
Serve a random 5hr dish 80 times
Spice 10 of your own stoves

(Goal #5)
Ask for 5 Flour Tortillas
Serve a random 8hr dish 75 times
Ask for 5 Olive Oil Bottles
Unlocks: Grilled Mushroom Fajitas recipe

(Goal #6)
Ask for 5 Submission Forms
Serve Grilled Mushroom Fajitas 75 times
Ask for 5 Round Serving Platters

(Goal #7)
Ask for 5 Mushroom Recipes
Serve a random 10hr dish 60 times
Ask for 5 Mushroom Samples

(Goal #8)
Ask for 7 Green Onions
Serve a random 8hr dish 90 times
Ask for 7 Salmon Fillets

(Goal #9)
Ask for 7 Final Submission Forms
Serve a random 13hr dish 80 times
Ask for 7 Matsutake Mushrooms
Unlocks: King Salmon Matsutake recipe

(Goal #10)
Ask for 9 Trophies
Serve King Salmon Matsutake 100 times - 12hr
Ask for 9 Dinner Plates
Reward: 30 Instant Thymes, 1 50% stove

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