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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Catering Truck

This is the New Catering Truck, which is part of Cafe World's Catering Campaigns. This feature was designed like the "Fix Up the Cafe" portion of the Paris Nights goals. There are 5 stages to complete. Every time you complete a stage, you will unlock a reward.

Stage 1
Individual Asks: 2 Saws, 2 Nails, 2 Hammers
Wall Posts: 2 Ladders, 2 Wood 2x4s, 2 Bolts
Reward: 1 One Hour Thyme

Stage 2
Individual Asks: 3 Saws, 3 Nails, 3 Hammers
Wall Posts: 3 Ladders, 3 Wood 2x4s, 3 Bolts
Reward: 2 Six Hour Thymes

Stage 3
Individual Asks: 4 Saws, 4 Nails, 4 Hammers
Wall Posts: 4 Ladders, 4 Wood 2x4s, 4 Bolts
Reward: Venison Scallopini recipe

Stage 4 Reward: 2 Mastery Mints
Stage 5 Reward: Catering Truck
Stage 6 Reward: Amelia's 4X Mega Stove
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